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Quality and Safety Policy

During the ordinary course of business, BRL operations are subject to a wide variety of environmental laws and regulations. The company is proactive in establishing policies and operating procedures for safeguarding the environment against any environmentally hazardous material aboard its vessels and at shore base locations.

The company secures appropriate insurance coverage at competitive rates by maintaining a self-retention layer up to certain limits on its marine package policies. The company carefully monitors claims and participates actively in claims estimates and adjustments.

The company has a policy of quality according to its mission as follows:
  • The policy of PT. Baruna Raya Logistics is to provide all customers with services, which consistently exceed their needs and expectations.
  • The Company is totally committed to achieving the highest management standards with particular emphasis placed upon marine safety, safe working practices, cargo & passenger safety and the protection of environment.
  • The Company aims to remain a leading shipping company by continuous improvement and innovation throughout the Company.
  • This involves the active participation, endeavor and ideas of all shore and seagoing employees.
  • Compliance with this policy, other policies, procedures and vessel instructions is mandatory and binding upon all employees. Quality and environmental is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of PT. Baruna Raya Logistics.
  • Customer satisfaction and the good name of the Company are directly dependent upon this working philosophy
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