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The company knows that the key to our success for more than 40 years in the business lie in its people. The skills of our experienced crew are supplemented by regular programs and trainings to ensure that they are guided to perform according to our quality standards.

Along with the company’s massive expansion of its portfolio vessel in the past four decades is the growth of opportunities for its people. Employing the right people with the right skill set and attitude is the main focus of our recruitment team and eyeing future leaders within the company is our commitment for the enhancement of our business. Be one with us as we work in harmony to achieve our goals in providing excellent quality service to our clients.

Our People, Our Future
The company had approximately more than 700 employees comprising of 600 workboat crews and 100 office personnel. About 1/4 of its office personnel are located in Balikpapan, a key oil and gas exploration Indonesian city. Most of its ship captains and workboat crews have also been with the company for over 13 years on average and there is very little turnover. The company considers relations with its employees to be satisfactory and over 60% of their employees have been with the company for over 13 years . The company is not a party to any union contract in Indonesia nor is subject to any seafaring union agreements. BRL ensures that the employees receive adequate training programs in order to perform its functions. BRL also uses an intranet system as a form of customized enterprise resource planning system (ERP) Once on board, the track you take and how far you want to go depends entirely upon you. It"s not just a job...it"s an adventure!

Recruitment Divison
When you are interested in joining as a sea crew, we only accept applications in the following ways:
■ Go to the link https://bit.ly/brlrekrutkru
■ Fill in the data accurately
■ Click submit
■ The recruitment team will contact you when you meet the qualifications
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